Handsápa ANTI SMELL 500 ML

Anti Smell handsápan lyktar vel og hefur nærandi áhrif á hendurnar. Sápan hefur reynst vel til að ná matarlykt af höndunum og hentar því einstaklega vel við eldhúsvaskinn.

Have you tried cooking with fish, garlic or onions, and not being able to get the smell off your hands, no matter how many times you wash them? We have the solution!
The Anti Smell hand soap is a nurturing hand soap with a lovely fragrance, that efficiently cleans your hands and immediately removes odors from seafood, onions, cheese, garlic etc.

This hand soap is perfect for the kitchen.
The Anti Smell Hand soap contains natural extracts of Rhodophycea (Red Seaweed) and leaves your hands silky smooth, with a lovely fresh scent.

5.900 kr.

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